Reheat is the official Authorised Repair Station for Adams Rite Aerospace products for customers in Europe, Middle East and Arica. OEM supported repair capability, including warranty repairs, has been established at Reheat for a wide range of cockpit door strikes and faucets.

Our management, technicians and customer support staff have in-depth knowledge of products, know their market, stay focused on our core capabilities and meet our customers' needs with flexible and comprehensive solutions.



MAPCO is a specialist manufacturer of aircraft galley equipment for regional, corporate and business aircraft, and offers a product range including galleys, Hot Cups, ovens, meal and beverage carts, waste containers, drawers, meal trays and racks and various other galley-related parts.

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International Water Guard has over 20 years' experience of providing aircraft water quality improvements protecting both passengers and crew from the risk of waterborne infection. IWG is the world's leading provider of flight-certified potable water treatment units for airlines, corporate jets, head of state flight departments and military transports.

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Reheat International and Amsafe have agreed a Distribution agreement that will see Reheat stock and sell a new range of aircraft oven gloves for use in aircraft galleys.

The new glove has been specifically designed for use with steam ovens providing greater protection and grip even when wet and carries a CE approval.

The Glove Company’s "The Perfect Fit" solutions are designed to satisfy the needs of specific industries by creating a perfect fit between disposable glove characteristics and the work environment.

Every industry is unique in their operation and therefore require a different approach for optimal performance.

The Glove Company is commitment to perfecting and moving forward with the development of our disposable gloves.