Reheat are pleased to work with several consignment partners storing, repairing, managing and selling inventories on their behalf. We would be pleased to work with new partners looking for solutions to managing their galley and general interior inventories.



We have over 1000 components in stock for sale, exchange or loan. These include ovens, oven control modules, coffee makers, water boilers, hot cups and faucets.

An EASA, FAA and TCCA Part 145 Approved Repair Station with capabilities for dual release on equipment within ATA Chapters 25, 26 and 38.

We hold hundreds of galley equipment rotable parts available for exchange, sale or loan.

Several flexible support solutions are available to meet customers' needs. Be it simple ad hoc time and materials, fixed pricing or a fully comprehensive Rate per Flying Hour support agreement.


Reheat holds an extensive inventory covering thousands of new condition spare parts which are available for sale with OEM EASA Form 1 or FAA 8130-3 Release.

In addition, Reheat acts as European Distributor for several manufacturers of galley and interior products including:

  • MAPCO (Midwest Aircraft Products Company)
    Liquid containers, ovens and galley equipment
  • International Water Guard
    Potable water treatment systems

Spare parts held in stock for sale include:

  • Fan motors
  • PCB’s
  • Oven door seal
  • Temperature sensors
  • Heating elements
  • Water tanks
  • Thermostats
  • O rings and seals
  • Insulation
    and many many more...

Repair Management

Reheat can provide a component repair management service for part numbers not within our in house capabilities or approvals. By working with OEM’s and other approved repair vendors who do have the required capability and with whom Reheat has good business relations we can offer customers the option of managing the repair process on their behalf for part numbers which may be hard to support or which have low removal volumes.


Reheat International specialise in providing repair services covering equipment manufactured by many of the major galley insert and interior parts OEM’s. Reheat is able to provide repairs from our EASA, FAA and TCCA Part 145 approved repair station and has capabilities for dual release on equipment within ATA Chapters 25, 26 and 38.

Our maintenance philosophy revolves around building in reliability and quality with every repair to help reduce overall cost of ownership. Because we specialise, and have a focused approach to what parts we support, our experienced and well trained technicians repair these products day in day out so can provide efficient, effective and reliable fault finding and rectification. When combined with a modern, well equipped workshop facility and a large and continuous investment in spare parts to ensure we have the right parts on the shelf customers can be sure of receiving the very best level of service and support.

With so many variations and options available to operators when specifying galley equipment it often means even a modest size fleet will have galley equipment such as ovens and coffee makers with multiple part numbers from many different OEM’s. With a capability list of over 1500 part numbers Reheat can offer real “one stop shop” aftermarket support so allowing customers to deal with a single repair vendor able to assist with repairs, spares and exchanges across all part numbers and manufacturers.

Several flexible support solutions are available to meet customers' needs including simple ad hoc time and materials, fixed pricing or a fully comprehensive Rate per Flying Hour support agreement.



Reheat holds a significant rotable inventory which is available for sale. Most of this inventory consists of ovens (convection and steam), microwaves, coffee and beverage makers, water boilers, toilet water heaters, liquid containers & hot cups and faucet assemblies. These parts will be sold in SV or OH condition with a fresh EASA and / or FAA airworthiness release from our own workshop and will come with our standard warranty.

In addition Reheat has been involved in the tear down of several aircraft including B767 and A320 aircraft and has a wide variety of interior trim, galley, lavatory and cabin parts & accessories for sale either in SV or AR condition.

Vendor Consolidation

As part of a comprehensive “one stop shop” solution Reheat can assist customers with reducing their vendor base by consolidating their purchasing through Reheat. By consolidating repairs and parts purchase orders through us, especially with OEM’s and suppliers with whom Reheat already has regular ongoing business, customers can remove the need to deal with vendors who may not be strategic partners and with whom a direct relationship is not entirely essential.


List of OEMs

Reheat can support equipment manufactured by the following OEM's:

  • B/E Aerospace (Inventum, Nordskog, CSI, APC, Midland Ross)
  • Zodiac Aerospace (Sell, Rumbold, TIA, Weber, Driessen, Monogram)
  • Adams Rite Aerospace (Authorised Repair Station for EuMEA)
  • Iacobucci (Authorised Repair Station for UK)
  • MAPCO (Midwest Aircraft Products Company) (Authorised Repair Station for Europe)
  • Commercial Aircraft Technologies
  • Franke
  • Goodrich
  • International Water Guard

Repair Capability

Coffee & Beverage Makers
Wide range of Coffee and Beverage Makers for all aircraft types.

Ovens & Oven Control Units
A very wide range of aircraft ovens including both single and double cavity ovens, convection and steam ovens.

Water Boilers & Heaters
Both galley and lavatory water boilers and heaters manufactured by all of the major OEM’s.

Approved aircraft Microwaves manufactured by TIA and JAMCO.

Cockpit Door Strikes
Adams Rite Aerospace cockpit door strikes as standard fit on all Airbus aircraft plus certain Boeing and other types.

Both mechanically and electronically controlled faucets and drain assemblies manufactured by Adams Rite Aerospace, Franke and JAMCO.

Toilet Water Heaters
Lavatory water heaters manufactured by Goodrich and Yokohama.

Potable Water Treatment Units
Units manufactured by International Water Guard.

Liquid Containers & Hot Cups
Liquid Containers and Hot Cups from several OEM’s including both 28V dc and 115V ac versions.